We Will Take You By The Hand To Show You The Paint By Numbers A.I. Marketing Methods - Absolutely Free!
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Tuesday, April 17th, 2024

@ 10:00AM PST, 1:00PM EST

Only 200 Spots

Very limited webinar...

Scott Empringham

CEO/Owner Empringham Media
Unlock the Full Potential of AI-Powered 
Marketing & Skyrocket Your Business Success! 🚀

Join our exclusive workshop and learn how to revolutionize your marketing efforts with expert prompts, AI tools, and dedicated virtual assistance.

Are you tired of struggling with time-consuming marketing tasks that yield minimal results? It's time to harness the power of AI and virtual assistance to elevate your marketing game to new heights! 

Join the more than 1,000 attendees who have begun to transform their businesses by leveraging AI and expert prompts.

In our FREE Master AI-Powered Marketing workshop, you'll discover how to:
  • Strategy: Use AI to create a battle-ready marketing plan 🎯
  • Calendar: Use AI to create a detailed marketing calendar 🤖
  • ​Content: Use AI to create all your content in seconds 🚀
  • Ads: Use AI to create all your high-converting ads in seconds🗣️
  • ​Emails: Use AI to create award-winning campaigns 📨
  • ​Coaching: Get LIVE coaching from Scott Empringham 💪
  • ​SMART90: Introduction to the proven SMART90 Marketing System📈
FREE Bonuses for Attending:
  • ​🎁 Bonus #1: Attendee Exclusive Bonus: Join our webinar and gain a complimentary custom marketing strategy session with Staff4Half's expert Virtual Assistants. Propel your business forward with a plan worth $10,000, crafted just for you — free with your attendance.
  • (Value: $10,000 - No Cost to You!)
  • ​🎁 Bonus #2: 10-Day Free Trial of AI Content Software ($99 Value)
  • 🎁 Bonus #3: ​25 Expert Prompts to immediately enhance your next emails, blog, ad, content, video script ($99 Value)
Unlock the Full Potential of AI-Powered Marketing & Skyrocket Your Business Success! 🚀

Join the more 1,000+ expert marketers...

Laura Barr

"Your tips from the last webinar were priceless. I can't recommend ENOUGH what you bring to the table! Thank you for all you do!"

Natalya Berdikyan

"AI is revolutionizing marketing campaigns and sales. I can't wait to start implementing it."

Janine Ward

"Scott and his workshop = a must for anyone who is on the frontline of digital marketing — and needs to accelerate their AI learning curve."

Ryan Brown

"I was blown away by the Smart90 AI marketing workshop. Scott Empringham's expertise and guidance helped me to understand how AI marketing tools can save me time and improve my business. Highly recommend!"

Yung Kim

"Attending Scott's AI marketing workshop was a game-changer for me. The value proposition was crystal clear and I walked away with practical knowledge and tools that I could implement right away."

Anthony Geraci

"I can't recommend the Smart90 AI marketing workshop enough. Scott Empringham's passion and expertise were evident throughout, and I left with a newfound confidence in my ability to leverage AI marketing to grow my business."
What You Will Learn On This Free Webinar:
Discover the Cutting-Edge AI Marketing Tools Used by Experts
Discover the top-rated AI tools, prompts and frameworks leading experts use to create successful campaigns.
How to Create Your Custom AI Marketing Campaign in Minutes
Step-by-step guide to developing your own AI-powered marketing plan, calendar, and content during the workshop.
Boost Your Campaign's Reach and Impact with Zero Marketing Spend
Unlock the secrets to scheduling and promoting campaigns for maximum reach and impact, without spending a dime

About Your Host

Scott Empringham is an award-winning recognized digital marketing and social media expert with 20+ years of expertise helping over 1,000 entrepreneurs, small businesses, and Fortune 50 companies (Ford, HomeDepot, McDonalds, GM, etc.) transform their marketing.

In 2018, after 20 years of building an 8-figure, award-winning agency, Scott lost it all. Left with no office, no employees, no customers, and $500K in debt he had 90 days to turn it all around.
 Turning to social media, he publicly shared his story, his plan, and goal to “get it all back” in 90 days or less.

He did it in 88 days.

In Scott’s 60-minute educational, inspirational and highly interactive workshop, you will discover the top-rated AI tools that leading experts in the industry use to create successful marketing strategies. You'll learn how these tools can help you streamline your marketing efforts, boost your productivity, and save you valuable time and money. 

You'll also discover how to integrate these tools seamlessly into your marketing workflow, allowing you to create a more effective and efficient marketing plan. By the end of this secret, you'll have a clear understanding of how these AI tools can help you stay ahead of the curve and succeed in today's competitive marketplace.